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I was raised in a good home where strong morals and family values were a way of life. My mom took care of us kids, while my dad worked.

As a teenager, I spent 2 years as a guide through Boy Scouts in Canada, which gave me a deep appreciation for nature and God's marvelous creation. My Scoutmaster taught us Christian values, but I did not know the Lord personally.

As I grew into my college years, school was OK, but music was better so I decided to sing full time and was kept very busy in the local circuit.


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I heard my first true gospel message at an old fashioned Bible preaching church. I was so convicted I couldn't wait to talk with the preacher. I prayed that afternoon for the Lord to save my soul and He did!

After accepting Christ as my Savior, my whole life changed. My desire to sing about His grace, love and mercy started to flow, which birthed my first "Christian" song, Another Blessed Day! Click to listen to this web page's theme song.


Since then I have written over 20 original songs testifying of the Lord as I have grown in Bible knowledge. I want to make sure the songs are biblically in line and have messages in them to share my faith.

I pray the Lord will use the music to draw people closer to Him. After all , He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords... and He is worthy of ALL our praise... Amen!


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